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Bhutan Incense for Meditation

Incense sticks have always been there to support humanity while meditating, relaxing, and worshipping.

Different Types of Incense in Bhutan

Find out what are different types of incense made in Bhutan

What is Propolis Used for?

What is propolis and what is it used for?

Turmeric for Skin Care

Find out how turmeric can benefit to our skin

Why Mosquitoes Prefer You Over Others

Find out why mosquitoes prefer you over others and how to prevent it

Classifying Bhutan Cordyceps

When I first echoed the word “cordyceps”, the aftertaste was foreign. What in the world is “cordyceps”? Hint: Think the fungi-looking thing that looks like tree roots

Honey Remedy for Insomnia

Can't sleep? This remedy is for those who have insomnia. Try this out! Every night before sleeping, drink a cup of warm water mixed with one spoonful of honey. Legends say you'll be in dreamland in no time.

Exfoliate Skin with Natural Honey

Delicious honey is nature’s best bet for anyone looking for “natural” antibiotics. It is multi-purposeful, and besides residing in your kitchen, it should also be in your bedtime drawer and your makeup bag! How versatile is that? It is the beauty secret- sworn by Old Hollywood actresses and modern-day Bollywood divas.

What to Buy in Bhutan

Although we are a firm believer that happiness cannot be bought, we get it. The “Material Girl” in you wants a little souvenir to bring home that reminds you of Bhutan, and it won’t hurt getting something tangible to remember the magic. Whether you are in Paro or Thimphu, here is a list that reminds you of why Bhutan took your breath away.

The Four Tantras

The “The Four Tantras” or Gyu Zhi (Gyushi) is a Tibetan Buddhist medicine book scripture that is mostly considered as the most famous and fundamental work in Tibetan medical literature, encapsulating the entire teaching of Tibetan medicine.

Kuzuzangpo la!

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