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What to Buy in Bhutan

31 August 2020

by Amira Yunos

Although we are a firm believer that happiness cannot be bought, we get it. The “Material Girl” in you wants a little souvenir to bring home that reminds you of Bhutan, and it won’t hurt getting something tangible to remember the magic. Whether you are in Paro or Thimphu, here is a list that reminds you of why Bhutan took your breath away.

The Craft Gallery - Thimphu



Tug your heartstrings weave Bhutan’s textile

Bringing home a cloth is convenient and non-cumbersome, to say the least, but holding onto a piece of Bhutan (literally) awakens your tactile senses and more. The authentic comfortable Kira can add a traditional twist to your wardrobe. One thing to note is how the designs (the intricate motifs and patterns) are indicative of their location and village tribes. The specialty of Bhutan lies in how Bhutanese spend months perfecting their craft, and all are handmade with love.  Now that’s touching.   

Bhutanese Handicrafts & Handmade Papers

Where else can you find paper produced in such an old-fashioned manner? Besides encountering the Jungshi (meaning “natural”) factory that still processes paper out of raw materials (like the bark from the trees in Bhutan), why not purchase the papers for sentimental value- use it for love letters or a journal.



Bhutanese Handcrafted Gold & Silver Jewelry

This is when Madonna’s “Material Girl” comes blasting from your speaker set. In Bhutanese context, they can be adorned daily or reserved for auspicious ceremonies. These ornaments are eye-catching and unique, and Bhutan has a community of local goldsmiths that go about creating these intricate jewelry. Now you can hum along to the lyrics of Madonna as she sings “experience has made me rich,” indeed.   



Carve your memory with Bhutanese Carved Masks

They are unforgettable, and the faces are etched in your memory. Were you unfazed? The vivid experiences from the Dochula Druk Wangyel festival you attended warrant you to bring these mini faces home. Well, at least the colorful masks guarantee vibrancy wherever you put them.    



Himalayan Beads

Beads of sweat trickling down thinking of looming reality? Purchasing these beads before heading home offers solace and a comforting reminder that peace is a state of mind- be rejuvenated with Dzi beads. They come in different shapes, and the alluring intricate patterns have led many to believe that dzi beads are created by the gods that can cast off evil. They may be pricey but do look out for more affordable offers in the markets!

This cloistered Himalayan kingdom in the clouds might seem to have the answers, but whether it’s internal happiness or the simple manifestations of joy, we hope you find what you’re looking for.  

Kuzuzangpo la!

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