Fund Raising Campaign

Assisting religious societies and non-profit organisations to raise money for their cause and activities.

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Bhutan Lemongrass Spray

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K5 Whiskey

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Bhutan Natural Goes Where our Customers Go.

It's now easier to find Bhutan Natural Products. We are now available at Craft Gallery Thimphu and Metta Resort & Spa Paro. All Bhutan Connection and Druk Asia traveling guests in Bhutan can now purchase Bhutan Natural Products via our in-car retail.

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Exfoliate Skin With Natural Honey

Delicious honey is nature’s best bet for anyone looking for “natural” antibiotics. It is multi-purposeful, and besides residing in your kitchen, it should also be found in your bedtime drawer and your makeup bag! How versatile is that? It is the beauty secret- sworn by Old Hollywood actresses and modern-day Bollywood divas.

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