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YR 2021 Donations to SOS

15 September 2021

We believe in giving back. Hence, we have incorporated this product in our newest project, helping everyone find greater joy in small joys and live without hesitation. Adhering to the theme, the profits of this product will benefit the cause chosen, Samaritans of Singapore. At Samaritans of Singapore, they provide 24/7 helplines for individuals facing a crisis. Like our product, this organisation aims to help relieve the anxiety and more individuals and provide support in their times of need. Hence, we believe that their cause is strongly tied to our beliefs and would like to help them.


Donations made for 3 Qrt 2021 to date thanks to your support:


Donations made for 1st Qrt 2021 to date thanks to your support:


Last updated for figures as of June 29, 2021.

1st Qrt 2021 Bhutan Natural Donation to SOS

Kuzuzangpo la!

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