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5 Reasons why Bhutan is a Good Supplier of Cordyceps

07 June 2024

High Altitude and Pristine Environment

  • Bhutanese Cordyceps are harvested from the Himalayan region at elevations above 3000 meters, often reaching up to 5000 meters. These high-altitude, natural environments are free from human settlements, contributing to the Cordyceps' purity and quality.


Quality and Characteristics

  • Superior Quality: The quality of Cordyceps from Bhutan is determined by its physical characteristics, such as a plump, yellowish-brown body with intense eyes and intact fungi sections. These features indicate higher concentrations of beneficial ingredients.
  • Bioactive Components: Studies have shown that the bioactive components, including nucleosides and polysaccharides, in Bhutanese Cordyceps are similar to those of natural Cordyceps sinensis. This similarity ensures that Bhutanese Cordyceps can be used effectively in traditional medicine and health supplements.


Legal and Controlled Harvesting

  • Regulated Harvesting: The Royal Government of Bhutan has implemented strict regulations to control the harvesting of Cordyceps. Harvesting is only allowed for one month, from mid-May to mid-June, and only households from specific regions are permitted to collect Cordyceps within their administrative jurisdiction. This controlled approach helps in sustainable harvesting and minimizes environmental damage.
  • Auction System: The sale of Cordyceps is conducted through government-supervised auctions, ensuring that the process is transparent and that local vendors benefit from the trade. This system also helps in maintaining the quality and authenticity of the product.


Economic Importance

  • The controlled and sustainable harvesting of cordyceps provides significant economic benefits to local communities, particularly yak herders who traditionally graze their herds in the pastures where cordyceps are found. This economic incentive helps conserve the species and supports local livelihoods.


Scientific Validation

  • Extensive research has validated that Bhutanese Cordyceps is a rational alternative to natural C. sinensis, with similar DNA sequences and bioactive components. This scientific backing not only enhances the credibility of Bhutanese Cordyceps but also assures its marketability in the global market, particularly among those interested in natural remedies and health products. These factors collectively make Bhutan a reputable and reliable supplier of high-quality Cordyceps.



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