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Lemongrass Diffuser



  • Instant Odor Elimination and Burst of Natural Lemongrass Oil Sweetness.
  • Flame-free and low maintenance.
  • Reduce Air-Borne Foul-smelling particles quickly.
  • Comes with 3 reed sticks.
  • Avoid direct contact with eyes and exposed skin.
  • Avoid direct inhaling. Keep away from heat and fire.

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Introducing our Artisanal Crafted Small Batch Lemongrass Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Anti Mosquito, a premium quality fragrance product that provides a delightful scent and helps repel mosquitoes naturally. Our diffuser is meticulously handcrafted in small batches to ensure high-quality, all-natural products free from harmful chemicals or additives.

Our diffuser is crafted from the finest lemongrass essential oils, known to repel mosquitoes due to their strong scent naturally. Each batch is carefully blended and tested to ensure a consistent and authentic fragrance that brings lemongrass's refreshing and rejuvenating scent into your home while repelling mosquitoes.

The Small Batch Lemongrass Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Anti Mosquito is designed to last about two months, providing a long-lasting and delightful fragrance to your living space while keeping mosquitoes at bay. It comes with a set of natural rattan reeds that slowly release the fragrance, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere that helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

We take great pride in our Artisanal Crafted Small Batch Lemongrass Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Anti Mosquito, and we hope you will love our product's fragrance and quality. Experience the difference between a handcrafted product and bringing the fresh scent of lemongrass into your home while keeping mosquitoes away today!


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02 January 2021
Nice for enclosed small areas like toilets. Fast delivery . Do you have larger ml?
19 December 2020
Second buy as I really love the lemongrass that is pleasant but not too often strong. It lasted for about 2-3 months for me too!
18 December 2020
looks good & smells great. careful packaging
30 November 2020
Fast delivery, received in good condition. Smell good & refreshing. Still not too sure can chase away mosquitoes or not, hopes it works!
15 November 2020
Good quality and value for money
14 November 2020
Repeat buyer - super fast delivery - good quality product - great customer service :)
11 November 2020
Good quality and value for money
31 October 2020
2nd purchase! Smells great!
13 September 2020
Nice smell of lemongrass! 🥳🥳🥳
01 September 2020
Smells great !
06 August 2020
Love the smell. And delivery was super fast! Will order again..
30 July 2020
This is a good product. While the scent is not as strong as from other sellers, this does not evaporate half as fast which is good.  This my second order.  Thank you.
18 July 2020
Always very happy with my purchase and this is my 2nd time buying from the same seller.
17 July 2020
Thanks.  Faster then expected shipping.  Scent is great and not too over powering.  Stay safe.
11 July 2020
delivery took vey long - probably owing to the fact that it's a pre-order item but when it arrived was nicely packed and smells divine. Go ahead and buy this if you're not in a hurry to receive it
02 July 2020
Nice smelling. Just nice for my toilet. Thank you!
27 June 2020
I will definitely reorder. The scent is so relaxing.. Light.. Not overwhelming but so soothing and fills up the room. Well packed. Thank you!
15 June 2020
Fragrant is pleasant and not too strong👍
06 June 2020
Received in good conditions. Smells great 👍
05 June 2020
Nice refreshing fragrance. Definitely will order again. Nice packing. *thumbs up👍👍👍
Vivian Ng
31 May 2020
Small bottle good size for trying out. Good only for enclosed small area like room & toilets
22 May 2020
Well package to protect content. Pleasant Lemongrass scent, not over-powdering
14 May 2020
Very please with this purchase it’s truely lemongrass scent thanks for bringing this in I’ll order soon for more strongly recommend
13 May 2020
Recieved within 2 days of pickup from ninjavan, well packed, scent is nice and pleasant, have just refilled my diffuser and will see how the scent permeates my bedroom.. thank you!
25 April 2020
Nice, powerful scent. Quality product, though I wished the small bottle came with some diffuser sticks
27 March 2020
Recd item smell really strong n pure<br/>The whole hse had the authentic smell like in a spa.<br/>Seller wrap item very neat n carefully wrap with bubble <br/> broken or damage or leakege.<br/>ITEM WAS SEND IN A SPEED 🙃<br/>OVERALL THUMB UP<br/>👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
23 November 2019
A bit light. But after a while, in a room, can sense the light lemongrass smell

Insert the reed sticks into the bottle. The reed sticks will absorb the oil to diffuse the scent into the air. The diffuser will achieve full results within 12 hours. Flip the reed sticks for more fragrance and replace the reed sticks every six months or when deemed necessary for optimum diffusing. Reed sticks are strictly for the diffuser only. Do not burn reed sticks

Blended with a very high concentration of natural lemongrass essential oil specifically for you. Therapeutic grade with no harmful chemicals and no alcohol. Ideal for placing in the living spaces, bedroom, bathroom, and others.

Kuzuzangpo la!

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