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The Four Tantras

31 August 2020

The “The Four Tantras” or Gyu Zhi (Gyushi) is a Tibetan Buddhist medicine book scripture that is mostly considered as the most famous and fundamental work in Tibetan medical literature, encapsulating the entire teaching of Tibetan medicine.

During the reign of King Trisong Detsen, Indian tantric saints Padmasambhava and Abbot Shantarakshita were invited to Tibet to establish the Dharma. They built Tibet’s first monastery and became the core of Tibetans culture.

Padmasambhava, a practising Indian Tantric Yogi, then built the first Tibetan monastery at Samye Ling; it was where Padmasambhava translated the Buddhist scriptures from Sanskrit to Tibetan.

Vairocana translated the text into Tibetan and passed it on to Padmasambhava, who, thinking that the people of Tibet were not ready for it, hid it in a pillar in Samye Monastery.

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