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Bhutan Incense for Meditation

08 December 2020

Meditation is a practice of training/focusing one’s mind to achieve mental clarity and emotional calmness and a stable mindset. Meditation has been practised by numerous religious traditions, often as part toward enlightenment and self-realization. Meditation is the only reason for peace and the secret to Happiness.

The main aim of meditation is to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. Incense sticks have always been there to support humanity while meditating, relaxing, and worshipping. The refreshing natural fragrance of the incense sticks spreads into the air to make a serene atmosphere helping the devotees to have a calm frame of mind.

In this modern world, the healing benefits that burning incense provides to the brain and overall bodily health is a popular alternative medicine. We believe that burning incense will cleanse the souls free of impurities and driving away bad energies from the house/worship place.

If you are a mindfulness and yoga practitioners, you should use incense because the soothing lingering aroma creates a calm and serene atmosphere which settle the mind and build concentration power. While doing meditation or yoga, anxious and stressful thoughts are the most significant challenge to find peace/concentrate so at this time if you burn incense, it will stimulate the brain with a sense of calmness. It will also boost creativity, and its aromatic herbs will invite peace which will make us free of anxieties and ease stressing thoughts.

Written by Sangay Lhamo

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