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How To Consume Honey

31 December 2020

Bhutan Raw Honey is an annual harvest between March to October of the year using European Bees. In early Spring, Beekeepers from Bumthang will reserve the 1st honey harvest for the bee colonies to increase its population and subsequent honey for selling.

Singapore Quality Assured (High Levels of Antioxidants)

Our Bhutan honey is sent to Singapore for quality and periodic Nutritional Analysis by Singapore Food Agency accredited laboratory.
Our Honey contains high antioxidant activities, especially in the Total Flavonoid content. It holds good antibacterial activity for anti-inflammatory effect, balancing blood pressure, liver problems, blood sugar, bad cholesterol, and a productive
cough remedy.

How to Consume

  1. Mixed with warm water - Good for the spleen and stomach. Suitable for people with the weak spleen, digestive system, and weak physique.
  2. Mixed with Boiled Water - Clears heatiness, moisturizing dryness, and detoxification. Suitable for people with heatiness, acne and constipation.
  3. Heaty (Heatiness) symptoms may vary from people to people. These are some common examples: irritability, short temper, fever, constipation, flushed face, dark yellow urine, shore throat, nose bleed, acne outbreak, rashes, mouth ulcers, and indigestion.

Not Recommended For
Children under the age of one suffering from pollen allergies, pregnant women, and currently breastfeeding mothers.People suffering from a severe allergic reaction to bee pollen may encounter anaphylaxis, breathless, hives, and swelling.

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