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The Druk Journal (Vol 4)


The Druk Journal is contributing to Bhutan's growth as a democracy and as a modern nation state. The Druk Journal hopes, not only to inform citizens, but to build a community of people that play an active role, as individuals and as a community.


The Druk Journal is a space for thoughts and ideas. It is an non-partisan publication aimed at serving Bhutan's national interest by encouraging serious conversations around policy issues. each issue carries a theme of national importance which is analysed and debated from different perspectives.

This eighth issue of the Druk Journal looks at the Bhutanese economy - how the country needs to respond to changes within and outside the country. It is a focus on diversifying economic activity by involving youth in a wide range of activities. It is a launch of creativity and innovation. 

Softcover, ISSN: 2411-6726

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