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Guru Rinpoche is Coming


Many Bhutanese believe that every inch of Bhutan's landscape was blessed by Guru Rinpoche. Guru Rinpoche is said to have traveled extensively and meditated in all parts on the country, either in person or in divine forms, so much so that most of Bhutan's natural sites including its beautiful valleys, mountains, lakes, springs, and rocks are associated with him.


To the Bhutanese, Guru Rinpoche is not just 'a precious teacher' and historical figure who brought Buddhism to Bhutan but he is the most revered and loved dignity. From the first prayers toddlers learn to recite to the grand state festivals, from the isolated hermitages to formidable public monuments, Guru Rinpoche is the focus of Bhutanese spirituality and religious culture.

This book will not only stimulate young minds to think beyond the ordinary but also help transmit the knowledge and practice of Preu Chod and the worship of Guru Rinpoche to our young children. This book will help in preserving and promoting the inner values of spiritual wellbeing; compassion, wisdom, and enlightenment, which Guru Rinpoche so completely embodies.

Softcover, ISBN: 978-99936-899-7-3

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