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The Eggs to the Rescue


The Eggs' to the Rescue is a Bhutanese folktale retold in English with Beautiful illustrations.


One fateful night, when the hen and her two eggs were asleep, the marten kidnaps the hen, and take the hen away from to her lair. The next morning, the two eggs set out to the marten's lair to rescue their mother. On the way, they encounter five other characters-a bamboo stick, a cow dung, a honeybee, a sewing needle and a raven- who sympathize with the eggs and.

All characters in the story are personified and cartoonized in order to help the reads (children) understand the story better as well as to arouse their interest in reading story books and/or telling the stories by themselves by looking at the illustrations.

Softcover, ISBN: 978-99936-619-2-4

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