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270g Honey + 300mL Syrup

SGD 40.00 SGD 36.00
Bhutan Happiness begins here! 270g Buckwheat Honey (value at SGD25) with 300mL Sea Buckthorn Syrup (value at SGD15) You Saved SGD5.00

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Tested by the certified laboratory,  Bhutan Buckwheat Honey contains high levels of antioxidant activities, especially in the Total Flavonoid content and holds promising antibacterial activity; Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MBC). 

Buckwheat Honey ranges from amber to dark amber color and tends to crystallize very slowly. It has a malty sweet and spicy taste with a unique aroma. Its scientific name is Fagopyrum esculentum, begins flowering from 73 days after sowing with blooms in an optimal temperature of 64°F. Honey harvesting is done during July to August.


Sea Buckthorn also referred to as sandthorn, sallowthorn, or seaberry

Hippophae salicifolia (willow-leaved sea buckthorn) is restricted to the Himalayas, to the south of the common sea buckthorn, growing at high altitudes in dry valleys.

Coined as the “Miracle Berry”, sea buckthorn has shown impressive result during the clinical trial for overall well-being, cardiovascular health, oral and digestive care, and great beauty perks for glowing hair, skin, and nails.