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Ginseng Cordycep Infused Honey

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  • Cordyceps Sinesis 冬虫夏草 - Nourishes the Lungs and Kidneys. Stops bleeding and reduce phlegm. 补肺益肾,止血,化痰
  • Ginseng 人参 - Nourish the spleen, lung, and heart, and nourish the qi. 滋补脾肺心,养血
  • Enriched with Bhutan Wild Honey
  • 40mL

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Best time to consume honey that benefit our body the most..

  • Morning-Replenish water, cleanse the intestines & detoxify
  • After meals-inhibit secretion of gastric acid & maintain gastric mucosa
  • Afternoon-replenish energy & drive away fatigue
  • Before bed-relieve tension


Mixed with Warm Water

  • Good for the spleen and stomach, Suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach and weak physique

Mixed with Boiled Water

  • Clears heat, moisturizing dryness and detoxification, Suitable for people with heat, acne, and constipation

Ginseng, Bhutan Wild Cordyceps & Bhutan Raw Honey

Kuzuzangpo la!

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