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Faux Aerial Persian Fern Artificial Plant



Minimalist Living Faux Aerial Persian Fern Artificial Plant Easy Botany Outdoor Indoor Decorative (NEPHROLEPIS EXALTATA)

Minimalist Living prides itself on offering evergreen styles catering to young women, teens and families, which won't break the bank. We adhere to the concept of "Co-Sharing Sustainable Fashion." We can stay on top of the latest sustainable trends while rapidly bringing them to market. Minimalist Living is the ultimate one-stop brand for the modern yet minimalist fashionista. It aims to promptly offer stylish quality products at appealing prices to every user in the world.

Make your home look more expensive. Turn your kitchen / house into a dream New Home. Home Makeover.


Type A
Material: Plastic
Length: 47cm/115cm
Leaves: 115cm long
Weight: 211grams / Piece

Type B
Material: Plastic
Length: 50cm/70cm
Leaves: 70cm long
Weight: 157grams / Piece

Type C
Material: Plastic
Length: 50cm/70cm
Leaves: 70cm long
Weight: 157grams / Piece

Type D
Material: Plastic
Length: 45cm/113cm
Leaves: 77cm long
Weight: 34grams / Piece

Type E
Material: Plastic
Length: 50cm/118cm
Leaves: 118cm long
Weight: 263grams / Piece

Style: Indoor and Outdoor Decorative
Pricing is based on one piece without pot

Each piece is individually wrapped in bubble wrap.

Please allow any slight variation in product color as the color display varies with the type of screen.
Due to different lighting effects between computer monitors, cell phones, the color of objects will be a little different from show pictures in Our store.

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