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Exclusive Bhutanese Tees

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Cotton, Size available S, M, L, XL

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Bhutanese Motifs Design

This intricate design is inspired by the unique and distinctive motifs that can be found throughout the Kingdom of Bhutan.

When you are in Bhutan, one of the most prominent features you'll notice is the elaborate patterns that you can find everywhere from the Bhutanese traditional costumes, Buddhist arts to architectural style.

This t-shirt design is a reminder of the richness of the arts and cultures in Bhutan.


Available design and colors:


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[design code: BMWT]

[design code: BMBT]



Vajra Design

This T-shirt design is inspired by the Dorji or Vajra (double thunderbolt) symbol in Bhutan. The vajra is considered one of the most important ritual objects in Vajrayana Buddhism. It signifies the power of enlightenment and indestructible state. Thus, it is a reminder for us to recognise the unyielding power of spirit that we each have within us. 


Available design and colors:

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