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Bhutan Natural Exclusive Pouch

$18.90 $11.20

  • 21cm x 15cm Thick Canvas zip pouch
  • Able hold up till 500grams of weight
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About the designer:

"The mascot character design is based on the concept of Bhutan’s red panda wearing the traditional Bhutanese gho in Bhutan Natural’s blue and cloud motif. Bhutan Natural’s cloud motif also inspires the curly white patterns on the mascot’s cheeks. Meanwhile, the geometric pattern around the zipper was inspired by one of the many varieties of Bhutanese fabric motifs."

Fanny Bratahim

Miss Fanny Bratahalim is an Assistant Lecturer at LASALLE College focusing on 2D Animation Art. She has produced several award-winning animated short films including winning silver at the Crowbar Award 2013 for BUY ME, and Bullets, a music video for Singapore Idol 2006 first runner-up.

Her films can be seen at several international festivals including the Golden Orchid International Animation Festival 2014, USA and KINOFEST International Digital Film Festival 2014, Romania.


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