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8 Treasures Painting


  • Oil painting on traditional paper
  • Dimension - Length 66cm, Width 16cm.

The eight auspicious symbols are sacred objects, and many believe their presence in homes attract good fortune. Either as individuals or in a collective, the eight auspicious objects represent the holy body of Buddha.

The signification of the Eight Treasures:

  • The Precious Umbrella - The Buddha’s head.
  • The Golden Fish - The Buddha's eyes.
  • The Lotus Flower - The Buddha's tongue
  • The Vase of Treasure - The Buddha's neck
  • The Dharma Wheel - The Buddha's feet
  • The Victory Banner - The Buddha's body.
  • The White Conch Right-Coiled - The Buddha's speech.
  • The Auspicious Drawing - The Buddha’s omniscient mind.

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