4 Harmonious Animals

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Handicraft Wooden Carving from Bhutan. Framed with the mirror.

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The Buddhist legend of the four harmonious animals has lineage to the Vinayavastu that constitute the first few sections of the Kangyur, under the canon of Tibetan Buddhism.

In Bhutan, this figure is the most well-known national folktale in Buddhist mythology and available on many temple murals, and stupas.

The illustration of the animals standing on each other’s shoulders portrays social and environmental harmony, enjoying the fruits of the tree.

Four animals were trying to determine their seniority using the tree as a reference.

  • The Elephant's claims
    The tree was huge when he was young.


  • The Monkey's claims
    The tree was young when he was small.


  • The Hare's claims
    Saw the tree as a sapling when young.


  • The Partridge's claims
    Excreted the seed that bears the tree. Thus became the most seniority animal despite its sheer size, strength, and power.


Moral of the Illustration

At no circumstances is hierarchy a mean to determine one's worth and prestige. But be respected for their experience because their maturity of age is the sign of experiences. However, in the context of religious life, it is determined by the number of years ordained as a monk. 

Production Description: 

  • Weight: 2.142kg
  • Dimension: 42.5cm by 41.5cm 

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