Bhutan Natural Hard to Find Products in Asia 2019 

In 2017, Bhutan Natural started off with 3 core products; Dreams of Bhutan Wholegrain Red Rice, Bhutan Honey, and Biobhutan Lemongrass Spray.

Connecting Brand Bhutan to other countries

We started off being an import and export firm to a lifestyle retailer; revolutionize how people access to Bhutanese products across continents, and bridging Bhutanese Gross Happiness Index to your door step.

As per 2019, we have 18 different categories with over 200 SKUs and 70 House brands.

Bhutan Natural Newest Products 2019

Now Draw Your Attention to Important Members of Our Family
Because they are the ones sourcing, writing, designing, labeling, taking pictures, replying, packing, and sending your order:


People Behind Bhutan Natural Thimphu 

Ms. Mindu Gyem, (Thimphu)
Bhutan Natural Operational Manager

Miss Sangay Lhamo (Thimphu)
Bhutan Natural Operation


People Behind Bhutan Natural Indonesia

Miss Inez Bratahalim (Jakarta)
Bhutan Natural Operation

Mr. Yoga Eka Sanjaya (Jakarta)
Bhutan Natural Operation


People Behind Bhutan Natural Singapore

Miss Amira Yunos (Singapore) Bhutan Natural Lifestyle Writer

Miss Cassie Chow (Singapore) Bhutan Natural Operation