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What to Shop in Bhutan

In this edition, we offer you a whiff of happiness. The world we live in can often be disheartening. We often fall back to the reality we are all too familiar with; the monotonous 9 to 5 work and overtimes, the repetitive ploughing and we often lose sight of the things that matter most.

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What to Buy in Bhutan

Although we are a firm believer that happiness cannot be bought, we get it. The “Material Girl” in you wants a little souvenir to bring home that reminds you of Bhutan, and it won’t hurt getting something tangible to remember the magic. Whether you are in Paro or Thimphu, here is a list that reminds you of why Bhutan took your breath away.

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How to Use Bhutan Organic Lemongrass Oil

Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine uses Lemongrass Oil as a remedy for fever and relaxation. While Traditional Chinese Medicine uses Lemongrass Oil to ease stomach pains, relieve headaches, colds, and rheumatism

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