Bhutan Premium Tea Gift

SGD 39.90
40 Premium Tea Sachets packed into an elegant box. Suitable for corporate gift and housewarming.


Product Description: Total weight 65g 

Minty Highland Mix Tea

  • Sea Buckthorn Leaves, Mint Leaves, and Buckwheat Leaves. 10 Tea Bags 
  • The nutty, earthy taste of buckwheat infused with mint leaves, packed with sea buckthorn leaves for maximum benefits.

Wild Tea Infusion

  • Sea Buckthorn Leaves, Rhododendron Leaves, and Basil Leaves. 10 Tea Bags
  • This delicate infusion of ancient herbs used in traditional medicine.

Sea Buckthorn Cereal Roast

  • Sea Buckthorn Leaves, Roasted Red Rice, and Corn Kernel. 10 Tea Bags
  • Roasted aromatic flavor. 

Herbal Burst Tea

  • Sea Buckthorn Leaves, Nettle, and Lavender Leaves. 10 Tea Bags
  • High antioxidant levels. 


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