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Bhutan Beekeeping Propolis Extraction

Bhutan Propolis is widely known to be nature's antibiotic. it is also anti-viral, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-bacterial. Its usage is very wide and is commonly used for the following:

1) Cold, Flu, Cough

  • Relieves sore throat, nose blockage, headache, fever, inflammation

2) Pain and Swelling

  • Reduce swelling and soothes pain in the inflamed area.


3) Cuts and Bleeding

  • Stop bleeding and prevent infection of the wound

4) Aging

  • Antioxidant function and cellular regeneration

5) High Blood Pressure

  • Cleanse the arteries and promote blood circulation

6) Health Supplement

  • Improve the immune system, prevent infection, illness.

7) Cancer

  • Increase immunity resistance and protection of healthy cells.

Bhutan Propolis Honey Spray Sore Throat