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《四部医典》The Four Tantras was almost regarded as the panacea for Tibetans.  


The book is divided into four parts:

第一部:总则本 Book 1: The General Principles

  • 介绍藏医药的基本体系 Introduce the basics of Tibetan medicine
  • 共有六章 A total of six chapters


第二部:论说本 Book 2: The Exposition Segment

  • 藏医药基础理论部分 Contains the aspect of theoretical foundations
  • 共有三十一章 A total of 31 chapters
  • 内容包括:人体生理, 定义,人体解剖,疾病征兆,病因,病的缘起... 食物方式,食物卫生


第三部:秘诀本 Book 3: The Book of Secrets

  • 共有九十二章 A total of 92 chapters
  • 介绍了临床各科各种病症的病因,病状表现及治疗方法. Introduce clinical treatments to different types of diseases and symptoms as well as explain the cause of such illness. Provides cure and relief.
  • 总之,这一部分是藏医的临床医学百科。All in all, this is an encyclopedia for reference and research.


第四部:后续本 Book 4: The Follow Up 共二十七章 Consists of 27 chapters.

  • 介绍了各种诊断方法和治疗方法。Introduce different medical methods for future research.