Tsirang Honey


SGD 44.00
Tsirang Honey ranges from almost white to yellowish in color, crystallizes very rapidly, filled with honeycomb and has a gently flavored aroma and taste. This product comes in 500g.

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Tsirang honey begins to harvest from November to December. 

Bhutan Natural Honey is not recommended for the following: children under the age of one, people suffering from pollen allergies, pregnant women, and currently breastfeeding mother.  

Bhutan Honey Recommendation

Children under the age of one should refrain from having Natural Honey because of the rare possibility of being infected with botulism (Clostridium botulinum). After they passed the age of one, their digestive system is mature enough to kill any botulism germs.

People suffering from a severe allergic reaction to bee pollen may encounter anaphylaxis, breathless, hives, and swelling. 


Storage - Raw honey does not require to be kept in the refrigerator. Keep at room temperature.


Free Bhutan Natural Engraved Spoon for every purchase of a 500g Bhutan Honey 


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