Sweet Buckwheat Flour


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Sweet Buckwheat flour is a remedy by traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicine. This product comes in 800g + Free 200g

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Medicinal Classics (Buckwheat Flour)

Sweet Buckwheat flour has been used as a remedy by traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicine since ancient times. It has pharmacological effects on the gastrointestinal, recorded in the medicinal classics


Jing Zhu Ben Cao (晶珠本草) of the Qing Dynasty

A classic Tibetan medical reference completed in 1736, gained its recognition in 1840 of the Qing Dynasty. It is considered to be the equivalent of the Han Compendium of Medica Materia.

Contains chapters on 13 types of medicines, covering a total of 2294 drugs.  It embodies the unique features of Tibetan medicinal system. About 75% of the prescriptions recorded, is still in use in the medical field.

The Seed of the Buckwheat is considered to be: sweet and neutralized taste, and relatively harmless. Effective relieve for hunger and chronic colitis.

Colitis refers to inflammation of the inner lining the colon. 


Storage - Keep in a dry cooling environment. 


Bhutan Natural Pte Ltd Singapore imports Bhutan Sweet Buckwheat Flour in 1kg and 400g packaging.