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3 Infused Honey Mix & Match


Mix and Match 3 Bhutan Infused Honeys from these selections:

  • Garlic Honey Infused 40mL
  • Ginseng Cordyceps Infused Honey 40mL
  • Pei Pa Koa Infused Honey 40mL
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Best time to consume honey that benefit our body the most..

  • Morning-Replenish water, cleanse the intestines & detoxify
  • After meals-inhibit secretion of gastric acid & maintain gastric mucosa
  • Afternoon-replenish energy & drive away fatigue
  • Before bed-relieve tension

Mixed with Warm Water

  • Good for the spleen and stomach, Suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach and weak physique

Mixed with Boiled Water

  • Clears heat, moisturizing dryness and detoxification, Suitable for people with heat, acne, and constipation
  • Pei Pa Koa Infused Honey: Fritillary bulb (Bulbus fritillariae cirrhosae, 川貝母), loquat leaf (Eriobotrya japonica, 枇鈀葉), fourleaf ladybell root (Adenophora tetraphylla, 南沙參), Indian bread (Wolfiporia extensa), 茯苓), pomelo peel (Citrus maxima, 化橘紅), chinese bellflower root (Platycodon grandiflorum, 桔梗), pinellia rhizome (Pinellia ternata, 半夏), Schisandra seed (Schisandra chinensis, 五味子), Trichosanthes seed (Trichosanthes kirilowii, 栝蔞), coltsfoot flower (Tussilago farfara, 款冬花), Thinleaf Milkwort root (Polygala tenuifolia, 遠志), bitter apricot kernel (Prunus armeniaca, 苦杏仁), fresh ginger (Zingiber officinale, 生薑), licorice root (Glycyrrhiza uralensis, 甘草), and menthol in a syrup and Bhutan honey.
  • Garlic Infused Honey: Garlic Extract Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Tea Tree oil (as a preservative) Infused with Bhutan Honey
  • Ginseng Cordyceps Infused Honey: Ginseng, Bhutan Wild Cordyceps & Bhutan Raw Honey

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