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Spider Lizard Repellent


  • Water Based Repellent
  • Natural Essential Oil Blends - Lemongrass, Bergamot, Lemon, Lime & Cayenne Pepper
  • 30mL

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No Way Home for Spiders and Lizards. Deters spiders and common lizards naturally without killing them with our Citrus Spray. Spiders are an essential part of our ecosystem; they help to control the insect population. Because spiders are essential, we should be finding nonlethal ways to repel them. Spiders have adversity to citrus scents and is a safe way to keep spiders at bay. Spiders don’t have noses like ours, but they do have a method of sensing smells. When people refer to spiders as having eight hairy legs, they do have, and it’s the hairs on their legs that detect scents. As spiders crawl over objects, they interpret if they are edible or not. They also know if it’s a fragrance they dislike and move away from it. Lizards hate the smell of the lemon, and the cayenne pepper tends to cause an irritating burning sensation when they get too close to it.

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Remove the cap, shake and spray 3 - 4 times at areas where spiders and lizards can be found. Repeat 2 - 3 times daily. 

Distilled water, Lemongrass, Lime, Bergamot, Lemon and Cayenne Peppers

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