Bhutan Turmeric

Spice Condiment 70g

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Natural Turmeric powder from Southern Bhutan. This product comes in 70g.

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Bhutan Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is grown in the Southern parts of Bhutan, known in local language as Yung Wa, is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant

Turmeric Health Benefits

With its antioxidant properties, turmeric can help treat and prevent cancer. They help reduce free radical damage to the body. Researchers believe that curcumin as a beneficial herb in cancer treatment. It can affect cancer growth, development and spread at the molecular level.


Turmeric Skin Care

Turmeric is perfect for sensitive skin as people who are suffering from rosacea or eczema will benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties, soothing flare-ups. Acne prone skin also greatly benefit from applying turmeric on the skin, as it contains curcumin, which works to fight the bacteria that play a critical role in acne formation.

Turmeric also does good to aging skin, as it contains antioxidant, fighting off free radicals such as the harmful aging effects of sun damage and harsh UV rays, delaying the formation of wrinkles and dark spots. Conventional methods of applying turmeric on your skin are with DIY masks or just adding it into your diet. 


Using Turmeric Everyday

Turmeric is a root from Southeast Asia. Hailed as the “Indian Saffron” for its beautiful golden brown color, Turmeric was perceived as the panacea for centuries. Here are some ways Turmeric can be implemented in our daily lives;

Nausea Relief, Increase Immunity, Sore Throat, Headache, Arthritis, Respiratory, Toothache, Alzheimer's Disease