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Beeswax Wraps


Eco-friendly Beewax Food Wrap. Fresh keeping paper made from Cotton, Beewax, Resin, Jojoba Oil. Free from BPA & Chemcials. With FDA Certified.


Minimalist Living is an international B2C fashion e-commerce brand. We mainly focus on women's wear, but it also offers men's apparel, children's clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and other minimalist household items. Minimalist Living targets Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East, along with other consumer markets. The brand was founded in 2020, and it has upheld the philosophy of "Co-Sharing Sustainable Fashion."

Minimalist Living prides itself on offering evergreen styles catering to young women, teens and families, which won't break the bank. We adhere to the concept of "Co-Sharing Sustainable Fashion." We can stay on top of the latest sustainable trends while rapidly bringing them to market. Minimalist Living is the ultimate one-stop brand for the modern yet minimalist fashionista. It aims to promptly offer stylish quality products at appealing prices to every user in the world.

Material: Cotton, Beewax, Resin, Jojoba Oil

Free from: BPA and Chemical 

  • Small - 7 x 8 in / 17.5 x 20 cm
  • Medium - 10 x 11 in / 25 x 27.5 cm
  • Large - 13 x 14 in / 33 x 35 cm

Please allow any slight variation in product colour as the colour display varies with the type of screen.
Due to different lighting effects between computer monitors and cell phones, objects' colour will be slightly different from our store's show pictures. Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to the hand measurement.

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Beewax food wrap can lasts 120 - 150 uses. Use only eco-friendly soap to rinse "cold water" and hand to dry.

When used more than recommended usages, toss them in your compost pile or garden. 

Do not microwaved or washed in hot water. 



Small size Beewax wrap suitable for covering half-cut fruits, snacks, nuts, or to cover small bowls and small sandwiches

Medium size Beewax wrap suitable for covering medium bowls, cooking pots, and wrap large sandwiches.

Large size Beewax wrap suitable for wrapping a loaf of bread or covering food trays or medium sized baguettes. 

Material: Cotton, Beewax, Resin, Jojoba Oil

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