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Bhutan Natural Fund Raising Campaign

Assisting religious societies and non-profit organizations to raise money for their cause and activities.
Enhances your members' cohesion, promotes engagements among potential followers, and extend your outreach closer into their household.

Our Services to You

  1. Campaign services include sales techniques and product introduction.
  2. May include booth setup, delivery, and bookkeeping services depending on volume.
  3. Societies that achieve zero returns during their campaign will receive 10% sales incentives from us.
  4. Customization of product label to promote your society's awareness during and post-event can be arranged with us to extend and strengthen your society presence.

Our Previous Campaigns

1. Palden Choling Society (2016-present)

Palden Choling Society holds annual Puja at Suntec City. On their 1st year, they raised SGD4205 through selling our Bhutanese products. 2nd and 3rd year raised an average 50% of sales earnings.

2. Nyingma Kathok Buddhist Centre (2018)


Please call on our line (+65 69339083) or email us at [email protected] so we can tell you about our services.