Bhutan Wild Cordyceps Improves Cardiovascular System

Bhutan Wild Cordyceps Health Benefits

Cardiovascular System

Cordyceps Sinensis has a negative chronotropic effect when consumed. It decreases the heart rate and relieves the Myocardial Oxygen Demand imbalance. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests that regular consumption of Cordyceps Sinensis will improve artery obstruction, low platelet count, abnormal heart beat, and inflammation of the heart muscle conditions.

Note: (+) Chronotropic increase heart rate; (-) Chronotropic decrease heart rate.

Myocardial Oxygen Demand 

Supply of oxygen to the myocardium is determined by coronary blood flow and oxygen carrying capacity.

Under certain pathologic states such as coronary artery disease, the supply of oxygen may be exhausted and an imbalance between supply and demand occurs which is translated into ischemia.


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