Wild Strawberry Jam

SGD 14.00
Bhutan Wild Strawberry Jam, an annual harvest from Bumthang, is free of pesticides and GMO. This product comes in 500g

Strawberry quality and all production supervised by Dasho Fritz Maurer, a native of Switzerland, a former District Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Officer, and an initiator of Beekeeper’s Co-operatives of Bhutan.

Bhutan finest jam production, fresh from Bumthang District. All strawberries are from the wilderness of Bhutan that is free from pesticides and GMO.

  • It does not contain any artificial color or preservatives.  
  • Keep in refrigerator after opening. Consume within a month after opening.


Bhutan Natural Pte Ltd Singapore imports Bhutan Wild Strawberry Jam in 500g bottling.  

Bhutan Natural Supports Green Economy and Carbon Neutral Products.