Stingless Bee Puthka Honey

Stingless Bee Puthka Honey

SGD 51.90
Antibiotic honey from Melipona Bees in Bhutan. Produce from Lokchina Gewog Chukha Dzongkhag. This bottle holds 25mL of honey.

Stingless bee honey, also known as the Mother Medicine, can be twice as nutritious as regular honey. It has a tangy, sour and sweet taste with a unique aroma.

Due to their small size, stingless bee honey Melipona can retrieve more nectars residing deeper in the floral nectaries, and researchers believe it contains much more nutrients than regular honey.

This honey contains many vitamins and minerals, among which is propolis, produced from the bee’s saliva mixed with its food such as pollen, bark, tree shoots and flowers.

Each stingless bee hive is capable of producing approximately 700 grams of honey.

They are much smaller in size as compared to the usual yellow and black honeybees; about three to five millimeters in size, and a slimmer body structure.


Bhutan Natural Pte Ltd Singapore imports Bhutan Stingless Bee Honey in 25mL bottling.


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