Bhutan Lemongrass Spray

Bhutan Lemongrass Spray

SGD 14.00 SGD 9.90
Improved formula. Friendlier to children and adults. It does not contain DEET. 50mL.

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Bhutanicus) flourishes as natural undergrowth of pine trees of Eastern Bhutan.

  • Certified Organic wild collection.
  • Contains: Organic Lemongrass Oil and Alcohol
  • For fragrance, insect repellent and a natural disinfectant.

Improved Formula for use as a fragrance, insect repellent, and a natural disinfectant that contains no DEET, moisturizes your skin better, with a lasting fruity scent, suitable for children and adults.

Avoid direct contact with eyes and exposed skin. Avoid direct inhaling

Keep away from heat and fire. 


Bhutan Lemongrass Oil does not contain any photodynamic agent

Bhutan Natural Pte Ltd Singapore imports Bhutan Lemongrass Spray in 50mL bottling.  


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