Bhutan Lemongrass Aroma Diffuser

SGD 25.00
180mL Aroma Diffuser Bottle, 2 x 60mL Lemongrass solution, 3 Reed sticks, and a gift box

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Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) flourishes as natural undergrowth of pine trees of Eastern Bhutan. Farmer groups engage in the collection of lemongrass and distill a high-value essential oil.

Our Lemongrass oil is certified according to the requirements of the EU for organic wild collection.

*Can last for a month, depending on the length of diffuser sticks. 

Contains: 2 x Lemongrass Solution 50mL + 1 x 100ml Fragance Bottle w/ 3 Diffuser Sticks 

For use as a room fragrance.