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Bhutan Cordyceps Grade C+

Product Description: 

  • Grade C+ Bhutan Wild Cordyceps
  • Avg weight 0.1636g 
  • About 6 pieces to a gram

In Bhutan Cordyceps (Cordyceps Sinensis) locally called as "Yartsa Goenbub" which is an insect parasite fungus having high commercial demand as tonic/aphrodisiac.

Before the legalization, the collection of Cordyceps was allowed only in the province of Lunana by local yak herders.

It was on June 17, 2004, a royal command by His Majesty the King, lift the sanction, allowing one member from each Bhutanese household to harvest the Yartsa Goenbub (Cordyceps Sinensis).

In 2008, the Bhutan Government improvised the only one member from each family sanction, allowing anyone from family to collect.


Due to over-harvesting and inflated price, in 2009, Bhutan Government imposed a new set of rule, restricting only three members of each household for harvesting.

On top of the restriction, all licensed farmers have to pay a Royalty charge of 10 percent from their export earnings. 


Bhutan Wild Cordyceps Articles: 

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