SGD 13.90

Bhutan Children Book " Room In Your Heart"

These two delightful folktales from Bhutan are retold by one of the country's leading writers, Kunzang Choden. In Aunty Mouse, a poor young orphan girl finds unexpected riches when she topples down a mousehole and is befriended by its charming occupant. But when a spoilt, rich brat tries to replicate the experience, her gifts are quite the opposite! Neypo shong gna? asks wandering monk to the little old lady who lives on the hill, "Is there room for me?" The question is repeated again and again as more and more visitors drop by. The kind lady welcomes them in, one by one. And the story ends with the teaching: "There will always be room in your home, as long as there is room in your heart." These charming picture books will make perfect bedtime reading for youngsters, and are beautifully illustrated with evocative watercolours of the Bhutanese landscapes and people by Pema Tshering.